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"I can’t believe someone shot at Rep. Grijalva….and missed!!!!! I thought you Arizonzans could shoot? Next time..use two hands…..which is gun control!"

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"We’re so infiltrated and compromised now, that a wholesale deportation and/or killing of all muslims is the only option remaining."

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"I’m all for the guys reasons why he did it."

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"Shame that James Earl Ray wasn’t little bit quicker with a follow up."

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"the citizens have taken over"

–Mosques are not allowed to be built in Athens, which means that there are only informal mosques in basements.
–Over the past few years, right-wing Greek people have trapped Muslims inside these informal mosques and then thrown petrol bombs inside, killing everyone.

Its quite obvious where the Greek government has failed the citizens have taken over; well done Greeks!!

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"start throwing bombs in Mosques"

I think we should applaud Greece and use them as an example and start throwing bombs in Mosques. I really don’t CAIR what they think they shouldn’t be here so their rights don’t matter. Treat me as you want to be treated.

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